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...since my last update or journal entry ;_;
I'm so happy that you - my watchers- are still remaining though I'm not uploading pictures frequently.

My second issue of "Munich 1945" had it's premiere on a lovely small comic convention in Aachen/germany last weekend. 
I had the chance to meet one of my idol Artist: Phillipe Jarbinet
His comic "Airborne 44" is such a great inspiration!!
Also Jean Michel Beuriot ("Amour fragile"), he and his wife were soooo nice <3

In a few days I'll be attending a Manga and Anime convention in Kassel Germany called "Connichi"
I will sign at my publishers booth. i'm so excited. The past month been magical! 
Also I've been a little sick but i hope it will get better...

In October I'll have my very first vacation in New York for a few days with lovely friends!
We also got lucky with Saturday tickets for the "New York Comic Con". Oh gosh, I'm so looking forward to visit the artist alley!!

Hope everyone of you had nice summer holidays!
I'll be back with  more uploads!!

Thanks for everything and I'm so sorry for not staying in touch with many of you as often as i should ;_;
Please forgive me, you are in my heart!!
Hello my friends!

I'm again sorry for the lack of uploads. Currently, I'm working on my comic so there's not much time for many artworks..
But i did a few commissions - I'll upload them here!

The true reason for this entry is a huuuge shout for a dear artist I personally follow for many, many years!
She started with a german manga years ago but is now painting the most wonderfully PinUps !
Sexy and elegant, just the way it should be!

:heart: :heart: Please visit :iconkinkykarrot: :heart: :heart:
I'm sorry for replying so slow lately. 

I'm about to leave for vacation on April 17th for about two weeks; there was much to organize and time goes by so fast....

Thank you all so much for your congratulations on the Print Version von Munich 1945 kaomoji set 1 9/19 
(some Photos:…)

Since i got international requests about shipping the comic, I discovered that Amazon ships the current german Version (but the english parts are still in english!) worldwide.
As far as i know, it's available at amazon. com /fr/ etc.
If you search for "München 1945" it should pop up :tardgrinn: The only thing is: i don't know about the shipping charges ;_;
But I still hope we can do a whole english Version of the story!

I'll order some copies from my publisher soon, so i could at least send a few privately! I'll let you know! 

Für alle in Deutschland, hier gibts auch noch welche beim FreibeuterShop :3…

Once more Thank you for reading, commenting, following and giving feedback!! You all own my heart!! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
I'm again so sorry for the lazyness recently!
After moving, my body was kind of "let's get all the viruses out there!"Dancing :la: 

But I'm also proud to announce, that my WWII Comic "Munich 1945" will be released in Germany within by the middle of March ! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Therefore, I had much work to do. Happy Lenny Emote (Small) 
As soon as I got the first copies, I'll take some shots <3! 
Currently, it will be only available in Germany ;_; But we are also thinking about publishing it abroad!
Hello my dear friends! Llama Emoji-04 (Pretty) [V1] 

Just wanted to let you know, that I'm currently a little busy with moving!
It's going to be January next year but until then, there's much to do!Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] 
I also got a little ArtBlock, but it's going to be fine!:bademoticon: 

Plus so many christmas presents to prepare ;_;Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

I'll be a little short on DevArt. However, I'll try to respond, stalk your galleries, write / answer comments and notes as soon as possible!
Thank you so much for your patience <3!
...WATCHERS by now!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 

Thank you so , so much for sticking with me over all those years. 
Many hugs to you all! kaomoji set 2 18/67 
Cheers to all new friends i made here and I'm so sorry for late answerskaomoji set 2 14/67 
2015 has been a rocky road so far, but it will get better!

Thanks for all the love! 

kaomoji set 2 15/67 
Oh my god, this kiriban wa so damn fast!! OMG 

Thank you so much for participating and please don't be sad T^T
i'm going to do some more in the future!

Two persons hit the kiriban!
Tard OMG Emote  :iconaya-kr: and :iconhitmewithbrokenleave: Tard OMG Emote 

already send you a PM! 

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]  Thank you!
Since the last one was totally fun, I'm doing another Kiriban!

This time : Onigiri  52.000   Onigiri  

:heart: So, if you hit it, just send me a Note with Screenshot :heart:

Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
Omfg you are all insane!! Thank you so much, that was SO fast omg XD!!
:heart: Let me hug you all :heart:

:heart: The winner is dear :iconmayocat: :heart:
Currently I'm practicing new color schemes (mostly faces hahahah) and i need new inspiration!

So let's make a 50.000 (omfg thank youuuu) Kiriban! I'll draw a face/waist color picture of any character or OC you want! (besides furry I'm so sorry i suck at drawing animals...)
It's gonna be more sketchy than an actual artwork (I'm trying new things..), so i hope that's ok!

If you won the Kiriban, please sent me some Screenshot within a note <3 

:heart: Hi my dear fellas! :heart:

Hope you're having a chrismassy time!
I'm using the free to days to draw and it's so relaxing!
I also thought about prints again. Therefore, I submitted two pictures to the Print Section!

I fall in love by Irukachan
Let it snow by Irukachan

I dunno how many would be interested in my prints;_; Seems also that fanart cannot be selled (at least I don't have a print option displayed..)
My question: Any other pictures you might want to buy as postcards or something like that? 

Hello my dears,

I'm so sorry for repeating myself, but within such a short time, I met so many new awesome artist here on DA.
Thank you so much for the Favs and Watches!
I'm also sorry if can't answer your comments or giving comments on all of your wonderful art right away. I'm trying to keep up, i promise!

Also many thanks to every single reader of my comic "München 1945" at Smackjeeves and Animexx. 

To my english readers: Would it be convenient for you, if i keep you posted within facebook about updates regarding new Comic Pages on Smackjeeves?

Oh my god, so many new followers within one day! A huge thank you and welcome :heart:
I'm still a little busy with work, but i'm trying to visit devArt as often as i can! And writing replies to each and everyone!

And i opened an artist-facebook account! Stalking other artists is fun eheheheh >:D
-->… <---
:icontavaron: sells some of her pictures and is even open for work!
Plz visit her gallery :heart:
Well Okay! Let's do this! Thank you so much for being interested in my commissions T^T

I'm offering commissions BUT only TWO for now. I'm not sure how fast I can finish them and i don't want you to wait ages.

First Slot: :iconmarszenka: :heart:
Second Slot: Still free!

Commission rules:

1) Just send me a note if you are interested. It's first come first serve :D

2) Tell me what you want me to draw (haha). If you have some sort references this would be most convenient!

3) I will do TRADITIONAL only. Because it should be personal and i want you to have your very own original drawing. The Quality of my watercolor drawings can be seen on my "traditional" Folder :)
I will do watercolor, pencil and color-pancil (Pencil Examples:…)

4) I'd prefer A5 (but this depends on the image)

5)  I'll send you preview of sketches before I'm doing the final lineart.

6) I won't draw furry because i really suck at drawing animals...
Also Backgrounds are my weakness. Please don't expect some super high background skillz T_T
But let's say I'll stay in touch with you via note to talk about what's possible or not :)

Depends of the "difficulty level"...XD (e.g simple close-ups are easier then full body thingies)
And the satisfaction level on both sides (me and you) regarding the finished commission.
I'll inform you about the prices within notes. But let's say that it will be at least 25 EUR /35 $(depending on the current exchange rate)  for Watercolor 

Payment: Within EU Countries I would prefer the SEPA transfer. 
Countries with no SEPA transfer I will take paypal. 

Any questions? Go go go go ask :D
Heiya Dear Fellas!

I'm thinking of doing commissons (Since my first one went so very well *_*)
Anyone who would be generally interested? I'm curious!
Just leave a comment :3

Thank you so much!

Many hugs and love
Iru :heart:
Hi my dear followers and friends!

I wanted to say thank you for all the recent comments, favs and watches.
And I'm more than happy to have found new fellas sharing my interest in WWII!

So again, thank you and vielen Dank!

:heart: Iru :heart:


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 1:31 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Hey there my dear fellas!

I was wondering, if there would be any interest of buying some prints.
Again I'm thinking of selling some gallery pictures.
 But though I'm not sure about copyright regarding fanart, I'd be offering mostly original stuff (?)
Dear watchers, are there any pictures you would like to buy?


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Oh goooood

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 12, 2013, 9:33 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Dear :iconkite010: ,

once again thank you so much for the 3 month premium membership. I'm speechless.

I really hope to work on new stuff soon. Haven't drawn serioulsy for quite a while...this must change!

Also thanks to all of you for the congrats :heart:

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Oh gosh!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2012, 12:25 AM
Got a 3 month Premium Membership by the wonderful :iconspoon-kn:
I can't say how much i thank you my dear! I'm so happy ._.
Now I will explore the benefits XD! Maybe even thinking about selling prints.
Would anyone be interested?